3 Ways To Help Your Guitar Students Make Tons Of Progress Fast

Implement the following three guitar teaching tips to help your students make progress a lot faster than ever before:

Tip #1. Explain To Your Students The True Benefits Of Practicing Guitar Slowly

Practicing slowly is crucial for developing the correct muscle memory that allows them to play things correctly and in sync. When your students build this foundation correctly, they make progress much faster and do not have to feel the frustration of going back and fixing mistakes.

Help your students understand the importance of practicing slowly (even when they want to practice fast). Find ways to show them how big of an impact this has on their playing during their lessons with you. Without doing this, most students will either get bored from slow practice or won’t practice slowly enough.

Tip #2. Pay Attention To Your Students’ Personality Type (If They Are Strong Or Weak Minded)

Strong-minded students can handle practicing “boring” exercises and are usually self-disciplined. Weak-minded students need frequent victories and constant positive reinforcement from you to stay motivated.

The better you are at recognizing and adapting your teaching to each students’ personality type, the faster they make progress and the longer they stay with you. Begin observing your students’ personality type from the moment you first talk with them on the phone, to their first lesson and throughout their lessons with you. Over time, students eventually become more strong-minded as they improve and develop greater perseverance and dedication. The better you are at teaching them to their personality early on, the more likely they are to become great students with strong mindsets later on.

Tip #3. Motivate Your Students To Practice Guitar Consistently At Home

Your students’ progress largely depends on what they do at home when you are not there to watch them. You need to train them to practice very effectively and motivate them to do it consistently to help them get results (and remain your students longer).

This means training them to practice guitar effectively during their lesson with you. Do not assume they will simply practice correctly on their own. Show them exactly how to practice and then watch them practice as you taught. Make corrections right there in the lesson so they know how to fix mistakes on their own at home. This makes it more likely that 1.) they will practice, and do so correctly 2.) they will make progress between lessons.


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